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Create healthier lives through health literacy, interventions and infrastructure that create measurable change.

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Engage communities with quality content, include data collection and appropriate data sharing for data driven decisions.

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We are a 501(c)(3) focused on healthy literacy and lean definition in healthcare barriers, enablers and outcomes.

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We appreciate all interest in the Force for Health Foundation. There are many ways you can support our mission.


The Highmark Foundation is pleased to announce two new publications on childhood obesity prevention in Pennsylvania, 2005-2015. Improving Child Health Outcomes provides highlights from Stemming the Flood, which offers a comprehensive look at efforts to prevent childhood obesity using Health eTools for Schools deidentified data from 1,114 Pennsylvania Schools in 293 districts and 53 counties. This work is the result of the Highmark Foundation's funding of Force for Health Foundation and Indiana University School of Public Health (Bloomington).

Our Solutions

Recommended modules for community engagemant.
  • Beaforceforhealth.com

    Join the free Be a Force for Health movement. Access tools to help you make heart healthy choices. Participate!

  • Health eTools for Schools®

    Health eTools for Schools makes it easier for school nurses to address federal and state wellness mandates while fostering improved health of students and ultimately creating effective learners. Learn more...

  • Force for Kindness

    Use this ready-to-use program to create a culture of kindness in a classroom, school, and community. Learn more...

  • VIVA (Video interactive virtual anatomy) & Posters with Force Fields

    VIVA are narrated videos designed for teachers and health professionals to help advance health literacy. Use VIVA to educate students or clients on their bodies as well as health conditions, chronic diseases and the effects of certain lifestyle choices on the human body.

    Posters with Force Fields have an overlay of digital information that can be viewed through the camera lens of a smartphones and tablets using the free HealthForce app. Try these free Posters with Force Fields.

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