Mind, Body, Spirit and Knowledge are all part of Health…

Healthcare is not just going to the doctor when you are sick. It is constantly working to support the mind, body and spirit with healthy choices for yourself and then helping share what you know with others and help create a community where the healthiest decision is the easiest  decision.  The modules below are all modular parts of the Health eTools Population Health Portals.

Pope Francis image used for spiritual health

The healthforce app was lent to the artist, Perry Milou, to help make his paintings and posters come alive as force field augmented reality experiences.  These were shared at the World Congress of Families and Vatican officials recently in Philadelphia.  When one views the image, the opportunity to share in a blessing, music, and art are offered.   A challenge to work on one’s physical health by Joining the Force for Health is presented.  The app also allows the app user to go to a store and buy posters or cards of multiple images that features different countries.  All profits from the store will be used to support and distribute the app and health promotional materials to those that want it.Try the app on these images. Right click, copy and share them in your social media or buy large, museum quality prints in our shop. www.force4health.myshopify.com

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